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What kind of company is it?
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Omega is an online marketing company with a profit sharing aspect. There are various ways to earn money at this company. The Omega brand is owned by Nautilius Investment Ltd, Registered in 2015 in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, registration no. IBC / 04/15/10598.

The management is in the hands of Bartosz Nafalski (Director), also the owner and CEO of the consulting group of Expedite Holding. He has 25 years of experience in business and has worked as a managing director at Pepsi Co., Foodcare, Maspex and MK Café. Lucas Bozek is the Finance Director, previously he was the owner and CEO of an IT company called Feat Software Ltd and has many years of experience as an FX trader at Santander Bank.

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What Should / Can You Do?

At Omega you can earn money by clicking ads (once a day), participating in online surveys (once a week) and performing a simple online task (once a week). It only takes a couple of minutes a day to complete these activities. To earn even more you can (but not have to) introduce people to Omega. Omega is a company where you can easily grow your money in a simple way.

Active Box
Omega brings you the Active box, a unique mix of advertising services, marketing research participation and performing online tasks.
Omega Market Place
The Omega Marketplace is a modern innovative product based on matrix structure, prepared with special diligence for our valued customers.
Earn Money
At Omega you can earn money by clicking ads , participating in online surveys and performing a simple task . It only takes a couple of minutes a day to complete these.

What Should / Can You Invest?

Registering is free, there is no member fee either.

You can then buy active boxes with the so-called BitBonds (1 BitBond represents 1 Euro). Note that the BitBond is not a coin but an internal designation of

You can pay with Bitcoin and bank transfer (Euro). You can purchase boxes for any amount between 10 and 100.000 BitBonds. Every Monday you can choose to pay-out or reinvest your profits for even more daily returns.

What Does It Deliver?

The purpose of the Active Box is to offer a stable and secure profit of up to 30% of your invested capital based on three sources of income:
1. Advertising viewing bonus;
2. Reward for participating in marketing research via the Omega Survey platform;
3. Completing a simple online task.

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What Else Do I Need To Know About It?

You start earning from the moment you buy an Active Box. You can withdraw from as little as 50 Euros. The more Active Boxes, the faster you grow. The compensation plan with the Active boxes works with a binary system. You will get paid for sales in your weaker leg (where the least sales are). So please pay attention to which link (right or left) you give to register someone at